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No One is Innocent

Artist: Six Degrees
Label: Rockshots Records
Release Date: 27-11-2020
Genre: Groove Metal

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1. Restart / Erase Buy Track
2. Malaka's Multiple Choice Answer Buy Track
3. Imperfect Buy Track
4. May, 10 Buy Track
5. The Unexpectable Buy Track
6. Stuck in the middle Buy Track
7. Night is over Buy Track
8. Silent glance Buy Track
9. Stillness Buy Track
10. None of us Buy Track
11. The power of love (cover*) Buy Track


Restart / Erase

have you ever needed something?
have you ever asked yourself how you wanna say
"farewell to this world?"

just tell me...have you ever asked forgiveness
have you ever tested the inconsistency of your self-esteem?

you chase the light but a cloudy sky’s still here
so, load your gun..just aim and fire, then bleed
eyes closed, tough to see

said enough to justify the steps that you made
friendly words to show the way that you care. restart, erase!

have you ever heard about free fall?
have you ever thought it could have been wiser to keep your mouth closed?

as i see you don’t waste any time

Malaka's Multiple Choice Answer

creative obsessions lead me to draw my conclusions
before you just prove me wrong, before i remove your tongue

your mind sets on fire your desire, self-deception takes you higher
it makes you stronger, makes you wonder why you’ll never be too far away

sometimes it just hurts
sometimes you keep just on failing, keep on learning
sometimes you drop out
sometimes you just keep on fighting so hard

sometimes you’ve just got to accept things keep facing the real world
before turning into failure, before i cut your throat

from each pain comes a knowledge
can you really know yourself?
i’m constantly rejecting the use of words like: “never”


make your choice, no influence, it's not so much to ask
all lights are out as i fall down, that's the end of the road
despite the silence all around, the core explodes

yet another dark drop now flows from that source, my soul

please, rain...wash things away, mix with the tears
like a soundtrack to the pain

the more you lose your time, the less you know your life
the more you sell your lies, the less you’re going to rise up

i found a conscience bleeding and tried to relieve its agony

how long does it take before the black is gone?

even the clearest horizons don't allow us to see
but i love being imperfect just as every human being
staring at my dead bride's dance, all i dream is to break silence

May, 10

nothing but an empty shell
the thousand hands of my hell
dragging me down

i vanish in my, i don't
recognize myself anymore
sometimes it feels like losing control
and everything is gone

deeper, i just keep on falling
sweeter, it sounds like demons calling my name

clean, in such a dirt
clean, in such a dirty place

i shouldn’t be clean in such a dirty place

sure, i don’t belong to these walls
what’s so strange? i hate ‘em all

help me forgetting what i’m becoming. right now!

keep lying to me

The Unexpectable

i will stay cause i believe in something
with no brakes, any strategy means nothing

am i sane? freedom of choice, it comes first
in my veins the blood is running the right way

and there is no trace of any poison
but i can’t breathe

and i feel unpredictable mistakes
and i see the unexpectable prevail

i am not scared 'cause i was bred for fighting
how do you dare giving me such shit advices
you’re not me, so step off, mind your own business
farewell, my sweet two-faced ass-kisser

questions remain the same

Stuck in the middle

taste my lust for pain

i can't wait to see what happens next
as i start believing, what the hell am i supposed to say?

why still complaining..sickness keeps spreading

find the time to realize what’s in store
dominate emotions flowing, fuck the rest. no way. no more!

gotta live another day, no need to stay, no words to say
gotta get to another place, erase your face, your sweetest embrace

but taking a look in the mirror everything turns clearer

stuck in the middle, I know it is too late
i’m stuck in the middle and now this is close to hate

secrets mode is constantly turned on
feel the pressure growing, crushing systems, gain is overload

stuck in the middle, I know it is too late
i’m stuck in the middle and now this is close to hate
whoa, fucked in the middle, touching the burning flame
tell me who is the brave, keep loving disgrace

Night is over

more and more, no matter what i do
push me down, it makes me stronger

now just fill me up, a pain that i’ve been through
crawls around, coming closer

no need to take me away
the night is over, my faith is gone

trust me now, I never meant to lie
hold your breath, it's not that easy

now just break it up, a pain that i’ve been through
lies beneath the dirt inside

the night is over, my faith is gone
no sign to cover, my faith is gone

no chance to break out, no need to take me away

self-destructive lover, you don’t have to bother

Silent glance

your words will just slow down my failure and my desperate falling
but i trust you now despite the faith i’ve never ever had

you crossed that line, you hit the mark and now you’re taking over
but you better stop deceiving me, it surely makes no sense

‘cause i’m just a shadow, a dark reflection of your past

rain keeps falling on my hands,
each and every silent glance speaks for me

i beg no one and no one should ever ask when i’m around
i can hardly hear my breath and any other haunting sound

please, forgive me, all i’m trying to do is to set things right
please, believe me, all i want is to keep you out of sight


care for a ride? it's a painful journey
are you ready to get inside a sick man’s mind?

“..the boy had fewer summers, but his heart had far outgrown his years,
and to his eye there was but one beloved face on earth…”

the snow melts again, i feel so hollow
losing myself is not the right path to follow

i tried to make you smile, in spite of all this hatred
i never wanted to push this far, believe me!

all of your hopes are fading away
feels like you're always waiting for something
just feel the need to free myself
there’s no stillness in standing still

one way to forget the war is to lay down your weapons
but i'm still focused on dark shades, deformed perceptions

don't shut your eyes, release the pain
and a lot of other fears that you keep inside

None of us

what else do you want me to say? can't press rewind
don't you see how easy it is to betray?
there's so much you're leaving behind

has anyone ever told you the truth?
tell me everything you want, i’ve got nothing to prove
is there anyone who can live without lying?
no one can call himself innocent

just a bunch of nonsense words

no one is innocent, no one is a slave
are you free in this new dimension?
are you safe in this lack of tension?

didn't you learn anything from
the last time you screwed this up?
you look so strong, yet you're so weak
get over it, just say stop

get a grip, stop this war!

blood calls to blood

The power of love (cover*)

*Originally written and performed by Huey Lewis and the News

the power of love is a curious thing
make a one man weep, make another man sing
change a hawk to a little white dove
more than a feeling that's the power of love

tougher than diamonds, rich like cream
stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream
make a bad one good make a wrong one right
power of love that keeps you home at night

you don't need money, don't take fame
don't need no credit card to ride this train
it's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes
but it might just save your life
that's the power of love

first time you feel it, it might make you sad
next time you feel it it might make you mad
but you'll be glad baby when you've found
that's the power makes the world go'round

you don't take money, don't take fame
don't need no credit card to ride this train
it's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes
but it might just save your life

they say that all in love is fair
yeah, but you don't care
but you'll know what to do
when it gets hold of you
and with a little help from above
you feel the power of love

About Album

No one is innocent” is an album that brings together all the creative aspects of the band. It’s an aggressive, simple, direct groove-death metal, but filled with melody. All of this gives the compositions a dual-purpose appeal, with a mix of violence and impact but also catchy melodies, thanks to scratchy growls but also sweet and effective vocals. The introspective lyrics also play a fundamental part. There is also a special and unusual surprise for metal fans: the cover of the song “The power of love” by Huey Lewis and the News, taken from the soundtrack of the first legendary movie of the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

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