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Record deal with Rockshots Records

Italy's Six Degrees will be unleashing their debut album "No One Is Innocent" via Rockshots Records on November 27, 2020. "​No One Is Innocent"​ is an album that brings together all the creative aspects of the band. It's an aggressive, simple, direct groove-death metal, but filled...

Thank U, Francesco!

We want to thank Francesco for the beautiful work done with No one is innocent’s pictures! Thank u bro, you’re awesome 🇮🇹 Ringraziamo Francesco Lenti per il fantastico lavoro fatto con le nostre foto per "No one is Innocent"! Grazie, Frà!!!...

Breaking News!

Hold on tight! 🔥🤘🏻⚡ The release of our album "No one is innocent" is postponed ...