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Valentina interviewed by FemMetal-Goddesses Of Metal!


No One Is Innocent’ is an 11-tracks album with a powerful groovy sound and lot of elements to admire. It runs for about 50 minutes. We recommend it for all Groove Metal, Gothic Metal, and Progressive Metal fans. Here are four things we loved about ‘No One Is Innocent’.

1. Vocals

Any band can have two vocalists. But not any band can make use of these vocalists in such a great way. The pairing of Valentina and Luca’s vocals made the album an interesting one, with the two handing each other parts of each song in a way that created a beautiful contrast. Luca’s vocals gave the music so much power, with Valentina’s pure and electrifying voice adding more emotions and feelings to the sound. The songs we loved the vocals on most are Restart-Erase, Malaka’s Multiple Choice Answer, Imperfect, and Stuck in the Middle.

2. Richness in elements

‘No One Is Innocent’ is not short on musical elements that make it rich and further entertaining. The album is mainly a Groove Metal one, which makes the Death Metal elements naturally existing. But it also contains some progressive and industrial elements that make it an album not to be missed. Examples on that can be seen in songs like Imperfect, May, 10, and The Unexpectable.

3. The guitars

Guitar music was one thing to admire on ‘No One Is Innocent’. The album is full with excellent riffs that are wonderful. I won’t name songs with great riffs because I’d end up naming all the tracks. However, the guitar intro on Night is Over is just one example of how great this band is great when it comes to guitars.

4. Favourite song: “Imperfect“

Imperfect is a song that can check for all of the above in what we loved most about this album. A wonderful electronic intro followed by a great riff, and then Valentina and Luca taking turns in vocal majesty, and a great chorus as the icing on the cake.

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